How It Works

Employ services to investigate, locate and recover your lost Domain or Website.

We prepare and provide information and testimony through the use of licensed data recovery specialists and private investigators to locate and recover your intellectual property.

These specialists are trained in the handling and recovery of intellectual property used on the internet for Web Services.

Your initial purchase is a Predetermined Retainer (ONLY).  Your fees will be deducted from this retainer. Any residual, at the conclusion of your recovery will be returned within 30 days of your receipt of the associated Report of Investigation.

You will be contacted when the available retainer balance drops to or below 10% of the original retainer. Additional funds may then be required to continue your investigation until the investigation is resolved/closed.

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Premise of the Service

Website Recovery Services: 'Website Recovery Services' are designed to recover domains and websites that have been lost for a variety of reasons. This is a specialized service that varies by the need of the client. 

Domains are commonly lost for a few reasons (including but not limited to): 

  • Expired/Cancelled and purchase by someone else
  • Purchased by an employee, developer or agent of the intended company and not released/relinquished when requested
  • Hijacked and moved from registrar without owners knowledge/permission

Websites are commonly lost for a few reasons (including but not limited to):

  • Expired/Cancelled with no backups available
  • Outdated code or software that renders the site non-functional
  • Developer/Designer refuses to relinquish (FTP) access to the existing hosting plan or content

Some of these occurrences can require the expertise and resources of legal professionals and private investigators (with a specialized knowledge of Internet protocols and intellectual property laws). Site Diggers is affiliated with a Private Investigations Agency with the skill and knowledge of computer related issues and licensed data recovery experts to recover or advise how to restore your web presence.

Our professionals and affiliates are trained and licensed to provide information to legal counsels for cases of litigation. Let us recover your lost web presence.

We do not provide services designed to remove information from the Internet

Customer Responsibilities / What You Should Do

Following your purchase you will receive an email at the address you list when you make your purchase (which automatically creates your account).  Please ensure all identifying and contact info is accurate. This email will contain a link that will allow you to describe the service(s) you expect. It will include contact information for Office Hour Support.

Complete the form. Failure to complete the form (completely) may impede our ability to serve you as efficiently as possible.

After review of your circumstances, the best course of action will be determined by Site Diggers. Your circumstance may be managed directly by Site Diggers or contracted to a Private Investigation Agency at the sole discretion of Site Diggers LLC. You will be subject the terms of Service dictated by the servicing Agency.  Special circumstances may extend this process but you will be advised as soon as it is determined your site has such exception(s). Once your investigation/recovery is complete, we will contact you.  You will receive, by email, a copy of your completed report of investigation in 30 calendar days or less. You will also receive any other instructions as necessary and relent.  All notes, and reference materials obtained or created by the investigating agency are the property of that agency and may only be released to a competent legal authority by request or subpoena.


Site Diggers LLC reserves the right to refuse service to any entity for any or no reason.

Site Diggers LLC reserves the right to refuse or cancel services, without notice, in cases may result in civil or criminal litigation of any kind.  These may include but are not limited to questions involving copyright or patent infringement; theft or any kind (tangible, intellectual, real or any other as defined by state or federal statutes)

Site Diggers reserves the right to refuse service or terminate existing services to any entity suspected or involved in illegal activity - at the discretion of Site Diggers LLC.  Site Diggers will not be responsible for any losses resulting from these actions when supported by verification (either written, verbal or electronic) provided by a law enforcement agency or entity (including licensed private investigators).


Recovery Services: 
Full (100%) Refunds may be awarded within 72 hours of the initial order ONLY in cases where no work has been completed and funds for the identified website have NOT posted to Site Diggers account(s). No Full Refunds (100%) will be awarded after 72 hrs of the initial purchase.

Seventy percent (70%) Refunds may be awarded in cases where work has begun in concept, code or planning of any domain or website recovery.  This applies in cases where the 72 hour initial period has expired and a request for cancellation and request for refund are received in writing (email is acceptable). The withheld 30% will be considered a cancellation fee and will be retained to offset our losses.

No Refunds will be awarded once notification of the completed site is dispatched to the client.  Site Diggers LLC reserves the right to notify clients their website is complete after the product (USB Thumbdrive)  has been mailed to the client.  As such, once in process for mailing, Site Diggers LLC considers the product delivered.  Site Diggers LLC will not be responsible for delays or loss of said deliverables by the postal system.

Terms of Service for contracted Private Investigation Services apply as outlined in the policies and terms set by the investigative agency.  Site Diggers holds no responsibility for the term, conditions or refund policies of contracted Private Investigators.


Refunds outside the 72hr refund period will be prorated at the discretion of Site Diggers LLC.  All services, upon cancellation are subject to immediate termination. Websites are subject to immediate removal from the Internet.

Site Diggers holds no responsibility to replace any content to represent a website after its services have been cancelled. Site Diggers holds no responsibility to restore a website due to changes created by removed SSL or any other content manipulation resulting from a change in services.

All refund terms are subject to change, without notice, at the sole discretion of Site Diggers LLC.
All requests for cancellation and refund(s) must be received in writing (email is acceptable but MUST be acknowledged by receipt)